Let's celebrate the World Emoji Day and comment a virtual tour with Tourmake reactions!

Have you ever thought to leave a comment about what you see inside a virtual tour? It's easy:

- Open a virtual tour, log in and choose your feeling

- Drag the emoji icon on the exact spot you want to comment and create a hotspot linking a comment and/or a photo, your opinion will stay in that same spot and everybody will be able to read it.

- If you change your mind you can always delete or edit it.

Tourmake Reactions change the way of commenting! It makes you go virtually to a place where you cannot be physically and allow you to leave your opinion about what you're looking at, by geolocalizing it and adding a hotspot in a virtual tour. Even in the times of Covid, you can allow anybody to visit a place, a fair, a museum and leave a trace of her/his passage, comment and say how she/he feels not only by an emoji, but also with a few words and pictures.

Tourmake Reactions give the author of a virtual tour statistical data for a detailed profiling of the points which are hot topics and where the users left the highest number of comments. Tourmake Reactions are studied also to allow the activity manager to reply, to let anybody report a violation and even to enable a visualization in VR mode, for those who want to fully dive into a virtual tour with Cardboard visors. Try it!

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