Are you looking for the right tool to deal with the virtual reality? With the Viewmake App you have everything available...on your smartphone. The Viewmake App let you create and publish spherical photos and virtual tours at the same time wherever you are with your smartphone. Now, with the enhanced editing features and the new virtual tour building mode, you have everything at your fingertips. The Viewmake App can count on a wide range of devices which enable you to import autonomously all the 360° photos, by traditional cameras and by all new one-shot cameras.
The main innovation of the new Viewmake App version is the direct publishing on Google Street View. In a few simple steps you can import a project from Google Street View on your smartphone, edit and update it using the same place ID or use photos just took or saved on your Viewmake Cloud and finally publish them directly on Google Street View. The visual preview was finalised helping you to connect and orient panoramas gives you a visual preview of 360 photos and arrows to help you connect and orient them in a more precisely way and with the blur and nadir management you can customize 360° photos as for the best graphics editor. Download the Viewmake App and start work immediately, is free!