Tourmake favors the most engaging experiences and provides the tools of its platform to enable the web audience to catch its extraordinary potential on-the-fly. Ironically, on-the-fly, because it is precisely the experience of indoor free fall that is dedicated to the Tourmake winner of the Tourmake Award in October.
Pixel Diffusion created it for the iFly Parisian headquarters: the project arouses users' curiosity who want to experience the thrill of flying in a secure, equipped, tested, extremely functional. All the spaces are appropriately described thanks to the points of interest that in many cases are also enriched by multimedia contents, such as videos and links to external pages. Thanks to the tour in Viewmake technology, it is also easy to book your flight in the spectacular 14 meter high aerodynamic gallery: few clicks and an incredible feeling of lightness surrounds you.
Congratulations to Pixel Diffusion!
Look at the tour at https://www.iflyfrance.com/votre-visite/paris.aspx