Everything changes now! Tourmake 3.1 version adds another important innovation to its platform and gives Users the opportunity to choose alternative templates for their projects.

Thanks to the innovative and eye-catching graphics, the new Tourmake template makes possible a more intuitive information display, so that the photographer can present an ever-changing project, closer to each specific need.

The navigation menu is now displayed as an interactive bar at the bottom, from which you can see each area, its content and the reference map. The counter at the top right provides a constant monitoring of the hotspots displayed during the virtual path, attracting the users attention who are stimulated by a gaming associated with it.

Another novelty is given by the lower widgets bar and the visualization on mobile devices, where POI can be opened in full screen.

Tourmake 3.1 increases the customization possibilities for Tourmake projects. Follow us and don’t miss the updates about the template management!