Tourmake Reactions

Tourmake Reactions

Tourmake launches a new way to express opinions named Tourmake Reactions. This new functionality allows users to leave a “geolocalized” and filtered comment, referring to a specific area of the virtual tour. Guests can express their emotion thanks to Tourmake Reactions, by placing a hot-spot exactly where they want. The hot-spot is characterized by a textual and photographics content. The visitor who usually is simply standing on the sidelines, becomes active part of the tour and in addition can leave his comment to express his feeling on what he is watching, in that moment on the virtual tour, using an happy, sad, or doubtful emoticon.
At the same time, another user can be able to get a picture of a place by reading judgement of others, placed exactly where the guest is looking at.
The photographer can answer to this comments. Also the manager can reply to this reactions, by asking for a delegation to the photographer. More precision, more authenticity of reviews constitute greater safety for the manager who through the user delegation provided by the photographer will always answer to comments and he will study new strategies to improve the services offered by his company and reach the maximum success!
Tourmake Reactions it is also available in the VR Advanced version!

For more information please download the promotional material.   Download Brochure

Get started on this function: contact a Tourmake trusted photographer o call for service .


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